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About ASPIRE for Lung Cancer

ASPIRE (Asia Pacific Policy Review and Engagement) for Lung Cancer is a collaborative multilateral effort focused on improving lung cancer outcomes in the Asia-Pacific region through policy reforms. We advocate for prioritizing lung cancer in government action plans, aiming to drive transformative changes that enhance patient access and care.

Our focus is guided by a Charter outlining nine key pillars, with an initial emphasis on political action and funding, in turn leading to improved equitable access to screening, diagnosis and treatment and overall patient care.

We believe in the influence of collaboration and collective action to drive positive change. Therefore, we will work with governments, agencies, NGOs and patient groups, bringing together multi-disciplinary experts to improve health outcomes for lung cancer patients in the APAC region.

Political action and funding

  • Increasing political commitment
  • Increasing the number of national lung cancer action plans
  • Providing sufficient funding
  • Amplifying the patient voice
  • Fostering regional and international cooperation

Patient access and care

  • Raising public and patient awareness
  • Implementing advanced nationwide screening programs
  • Increasing access to companion diagnostics, NGS and serum tumor marker testing
  • Increasing equitable access to treatment

Our Mission

To address Asia-Pacific lung cancer challenges, there is a need for a unified voice to mobilize resources and spur governments and policymakers into action. We set out four key aims:

Prioritize lung cancer as a key focus in governmental cancer plans and budgets across the Asia-Pacific region
Leverage a collective voice through multilateral coalition efforts, driving improvements in screening, diagnosis, treatment, and care
Secure resources to generate evidence supporting policy development and interventions implementation
Establish an official platform fostering policy discussions and campaigns dedicated to enhancing lung cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, and care

Burden of disease in Asia-Pacific

Lung cancer is the most diagnosed cancer and the leading cause of cancer deaths in the Asia-Pacific region

1.8 million annual deaths

projected by 2040 due to lung cancer. Current annual death rate is estimated at around 1 million

1 in 5 cancer deaths

contributed by lung cancer as it is ranked as the most prevalent cancer

~US$3.9 trillion

amounted as the annual global cost due to lung cancer, imposing the highest economic burden on health systems

Lung outline

Our Members

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ASPIRE's initiatives are made possible through the support of AstraZeneca, Amgen, Johnson & Johnson, Roche Diagnostics, and Siemens Healthineers. The secretariat is managed by EquiHealth, bridging between non-profits, policymakers and the private sector.

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